7 Things Your Social Media Consultant Should Tell You

7 Things Your Social Media Consultant Should Tell You

Anjali Mullany at Fast Company brings up some very relevant points in her article, “7 Things Your Social Media Consultant Should Tell You”.

Having worked in the social media space both in-house, in-agency and in the past few years, on my own, I can tell you…it is a big sales job!

In the past few months I have had the opportunity to speak to a variety of different clients about digitally and socially promoting their businesses and many of the questions I have received are very much embedded in Mullany’s article. Of course, ROI is always at the top of that list. Although I agree with Mullany on point #2 to an extent, the reality is you never know for certain what kind of a following and indirect sale you might receive from an action you have taken. I am always quite clear in stating that although many of the concepts and strategies have been done before, it is always worthwhile to try different methods in attracting a reach. It is a risk but could be a valued one. Sure, you can make a guestimate but it is always important to caveat.

Being transparent with your client is key in building trust in the relationship. Speaking to them on a level where you have knowledge but are also learning is important especially as digital is constantly evolving.

When I was in Israel I had the opportunity to meet with a couple of different CEO’s of PR agencies. One had the Tel Aviv Municipality as their client and they were looking to boost tourism in TLV. Another CEO had a surrogacy company as a client and they were looking to promote their brand globally. Two entirely different clients, two entirely different types of campaigns. Mullany makes a great point in #4 that Facebook and Twitter are only a start (and even then, may not be relevant to your program at all depending on audience).

I am a HUGE believer that it is important to have a presence on social platforms but the strength is in numbers and those numbers will only be reached by tapping influencers who can help build awareness. Both my proposals for these CEO’s had not just bloggers as part of the strategy but incorporated individuals who could really discuss and share their thoughts, experiences, feelings…

In the end, being able to relate to others is what will help in ultimately taking a direction and perhaps even, making a strategic campaign decision.

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