A Two in One Post: What is Powerful Content?

A Two in One Post: What is Powerful Content?

These two infographics just seemed like the chocolate and peanut butter of articles I read today or rather, “viewed”.

The first infograph is a chart which identifies which content is most regularly used on smartphones. Why did I really enjoy this simple but statistically rich information? Simply because it is so important to understand the facts behind consumer behavior. Where is our social footprint taking us and from a relevancy standpoint, what are people most often reacting to?

At 92%, consumers are engaged in both text messaging and photo-taking usage.

See Infographic.

I am most interested in focusing on the photo-taking usage. The reason is because it is visual content…which brings me to the second article by Jeff Bullas on the “Power of Visual Content”.

Jeff points out two very key statistics:

-Videos are Shared 1,200 percent more than links and and text posts combined
-Photos are liked 200% more than text updates

In an earlier post I drew attention to whether brands should be publishers in Brian Solis’ video interview conducted with Federated Media Publishing. This is a great segue to that post.

In order to build on engagement, brands need to focus on the visual. If content is to fuel the social web and users are fueled by imagery, then shouldn’t brands rethink the presentation of their content? After all and according to this Infographic linked below, imagery can rule social media…

It shouldn’t be a surprise that social tools such as Pinterest and Instagram have been a major hit amongst both consumers and brands today. Rising amongst other social media stars in much less time in comparison to their competitors like Facebook and Twitter, it is reason enough to be convinced that visual content is key to any social footprint.

See Visual Content Infographic