Best Social Media Campaigns of 2012

Best Social Media Campaigns of 2012

Here we is the end of the year and this is the time when we will begin seeing articles such as this one in iMedia highlighting the successes (and failures) of social media.

In this case, the focus is on the 8 Best Social Media Campaigns of 2012.

Although I am focusing far more on outreach for my current project, building awareness through the social media channels is on my mind all the time. Some of my ideas have done very well. In fact, just yesterday I insisted the film producers of my project JERUSALEM: Filmed in IMAX and 3D introduce themselves on facebook. In doing so, we garnered over 120 likes, 32 shares of the actual post and added another 15 profile page likes. Not bad. Goes to show you that our fans want to hear it straight from the horses’ mouth!

However, my film producers (as much as I nag them) are very busy in post production and the ultimate goal is to release this film in the fall of 2013, Therefore, spending time on facebook and twitter is simply not going to be a consistent play.

In reorganizing highlights in my communications strategy plan, I was running out of ideas…what can we post, share and discuss to continue building a fan base, get our current fans excited and engaged and then some? I wanted to do a giveaway as this would build excitement. After all, most people need incentive to get going and as much as I love the product I am pitching, it simply isn’t enough!

My producer pals are not yet ready for having a giveaway (and in their defense, we do have simultaneous projects that will compete with that concept) However, with that said, stay tuned as we may still decide to go forth with this idea!

So, while brainstorming, I came across the iMedia article I have included below which started stirring up some thinking. What is interesting however is that a few of these concepts (and there are only 8) include giveaways. Goes to show you…people need something to do something.

All the ideas are good ones however. I do like the Grey Poupon one myself. The cause related one on bullying was a great success and that is wonderful to see such a reaction. It is hard not to join in on something that pulls at the heartstrings.

These are all food for thought. Maybe you can find some ideas in this article that can work for you.

Take a read!