Google + CSR = Perfect Marriage

Google + CSR = Perfect Marriage

All I can say to this amazing news is WOW… This is a combination, a partnership, a relationship made in heaven.

Google and Corporate Social Responsibility…aka CSR.

Google has always been an out of box thinker. After all, they are not a giant for nothing. However, this concept through Google Ideas brings it home for me. Using the brilliance of Google strategy and talent to beat drugs and human trafficking amongst so many ills of the world puts a smile on my face.

More and more often we are seeing the internet helping fight crime as well as demand justice which often goes unheard if even it the problem is known. However, most often, these are local. Now the internet is moving in on an entirely new plane…one where more often than not, it is the playing field of government agencies alone.

This is definitely a division of Google I can sink my teeth into and one I hope to see flourish with time, patience and the brilliant use of the digital minds at Google Ideas!

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