Men vs. Women vs. The Social Web

Men vs. Women vs. The Social Web

I just happen to be interested in this sort of research…men vs women…where they spend their time online, etc.

This type of information will always come in handy when thinking about digital strategy and the type of audience in which it is targeting. Having these statistics showcased in this infograph will only help justify the point and bring the project home for many of us challenged by convincing our clients.

As with all these infographs, analysis and stats are a-many. And yes, there is a lot to remember. One of the main reasons I post much of this info is to keep a “diary” of sorts-a reference guide of what I think will be relevant for anyone in advertising, pr, interactive whether agency or client side.

This is the sort of information you will need to include in your proposals. This is the type of conversation you need to have when engaging your client. These tidbits are what will create a winning strategy.

Take a peek here.