Strategies for Brands to Dominate Pinterest and LinkedIn

Strategies for Brands to Dominate Pinterest and LinkedIn

Want to expand your audience reach and engage in other platforms besides the obvious 3? Can you guess what those are??

Yes? Good. Now here is the test. They start with the letters, F, T and Y.

Hopefully you scored 100%.

Well, to add a few more additional letters to your strategy…think about P and L. Yup…LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The following infograph (and this is another beauty)-will inform as to how your audience is focused in these social platforms as well. Although consumer behavior will differ from the social communities of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as a brand, it is becoming increasingly necessary to be situated in these places as well.

And yes, I do realize I gave away the answers to the brutal test above!

Take a look at the gorgeous stats in the following infograph which you will want to know when defending your social strategy to your team or client.

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