The Power of Multiscreen Usage

The Power of Multiscreen Usage

In my previous post I included a link to a TechCrunch article entitled “If Content is King, Multiscreen is Queen”. The overall thinking is accurate but I am still not sure I 100% agree. After listening to Brian Solis’ interview with Federated Media Publishing, I am more and more convinced that CONTEXT is King and CONTENT is the fuel that drives it.

Working in the world of marketing, with a strong focus in the digital sphere, it is a priority to focus on not just great messaging but as well, to ensure its placement is where the audience will be. Long gone are the days of depending on consumers to “find” you. Today, we are entrenched in ensuring that our audience is locating us without even realizing they are “looking”.

Back in 2007, I helped develop a digital group at a global PR agency in NYC. The name we decided to use was screenGRAB because we strongly believed that people used multiscreens to get their information. Of course at the time, multiscreens were more along the lines of computers, tv’s, blackberries… It was before the launch of the first iPhone, Samsung’s smartphones and well before the innovation of the tablet.

Today we are inundated with far more screens and it is now a challenge to just manage our time. I sometimes find myself with the tv on with one hand on my smartphone and the other hand on my iPad. When things get really bad, I will also have my laptop on. So much for being “green”.

I recently read an article with some relevant statistics on the usage of multiscreens as well as some great infographics which I wanted to share. The below link contains information that is worth not just reading but memorizing in some cases.

Take a look!