The State of Social Media Marketing

The State of Social Media Marketing

The changing tides of social media in the marketing arena…it is exhausting to keep up but if you don’t, you just might miss the next best thing. Or has anything really changed? Ultimately, the infograph in the link below describes how the challenge for marketers claims to be ROI however the focus is on how to use social as art of the overall marketing game plan.

“50% of marketers are looking for a tighter integration between social and the rest of marketing and overall business.”

I am constantly hearing about ROI from clients. It is completely understandable why their focus would be ROI and yet, with social, it is still an indirect relationship. Bottom line, build it and they will come. This was the line that was being used back in 2007 when social really kicked off and to be honest, I have not seem a huge development since.

At the end of the day, you still need to get the buzz going, get people talking. If you are successful with the awareness, you will be more successful in bringing home the bacon.

Take a gander at this infograph.