Why Brands are Becoming Publishers

Why Brands are Becoming Publishers

With the infusion of the social footprint in today’s marketplace, it is not a foreign concept to be questioning where content fits. I like to think of it as the chicken and the egg approach. What comes first? What is a priority? How should we envision the end result? What is the goal, after all? Is it ROI? And speaking of ROI, what does the “R” really stand for? (the video addresses this particular question).

Brian Solis conducts an extremely informative interview with Deanna Brown, the CEO of Federated Media Publishing. The interview ultimately ends with a very powerful statement:

“If CONTENT is fuel for the social web, then CONTEXT is KING.”

Or is it?

The question really is-are brands focused on what works for them or for the consumer? Could it not be that they are equally important? After all, a strong message placed incorrectly won’t garner the awareness and engagement hoping to be achieved. With that said, a weak message positioned in all the “right” platforms won’t garner much attention either.

Therefore, strategically speaking, content is fuel for the social web but both content and context are king.

What do you think?

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