Luxury Brands in the 21st Century...Does Their Antiquated Marketing Strategy Work?

Luxury Brands in the 21st Century…Does Their Antiquated Marketing Strategy Work?

So, this was an interesting article. Not too surprising and I think what was most frustrating was the last sentence or rather question, “Why do they (luxury brands) want to remain so aloof?”

Let us back up for a moment. Luxury brands have always been known to have their noses up in the air. This is no surprise. What is surprising is to witness the changing marketing model for some of these brands to incorporate a level of social media in their strategy. Why is this surprising?? Only because it means schmoozing with the common people!

Quelle horreur!!

Peter Claridge, who wrote this article mentions brands like Burberry, Dior and Vuitton who have been making great strides in engaging with their audiences and building strong relationships with their fans. H. Stern should also be included as they are quite active and always having giveaways on Facebook as should Jimmy Choo for their contests through Foursquare and other social media platforms.

The old style of marketing, essentially celebrity endorsements which Mr. Claridge discusses in the following article, is not working anymore. The days of looking in awe at celebrities is long over. Today, people want to have their 15 minutes of fame so posting a photo of a celebrity wearing some glamorous outfit or shoes or even jewelry is simply boring, to be blunt.

Want to get people excited about your products? Let them experience the feel and the look-that will kickoff your viral campaign in a heartbeat. Want to get people snoozing? Keep spending the millions of dollars to get a celebrity to endorse your product…

This is the 21st century folks. Time to wake up and begin building relationships with your fans, engage with them and don’t stop just because you hit one million fans on Twitter, Burberry! Shame on you!

Get savvy because the world isn’t going to wait…even if you think your next design can speak for itself…it isn’t, not anymore. 🙂

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