Luxury Brands Rocking the Digital World

Luxury Brands Rocking the Digital World

On a number of occasions I have posted articles focused on fashion in combination with digital. It is always interesting to see what these luxury brands are doing today in order to promote themselves in the world of digital.

Luxury brands have had a challenging time with connecting to their consumers mostly because their consumers are a small percentage of the population. There was a time when being less accessible seemed, well, appropriate. In their elitist way, luxury brands created a barrier between themselves and the consumer and that worked well for them.

However, times have changed. In the world of digital with specific focus on social media, having the velvet rope works but you have to be careful in how it is used. Most fans want to be a part of the story if not help create it. Therefore, give your audience a reason to be loyal followers by including them in your overall marketing promotions.

The four case studies promoted in the article linked below include Tourneau, Mr Porter, Marc Jacobs and Fisker Automative. I recall Jimmy Choo, much like Mr Porter, creating an online scavenger hunt with users tweeting and foursquaring their way from location to location to gather the next clue.

It seems that more and more luxury brands are now jumping on the bandwagon of not only including digital as part of their key marketing strategy but also are creating digital success stories.

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