Great Song from the Other Side of the World

Great Song from the Other Side of the World

I have always been a fan of learning about other cultures, hearing other languages, reading local magazines, eating local cuisines (assuming they aren’t too bizarre) and of course, music, which is what this post will focus on.

One of the best parts of living in NYC is that it is a cosmopolitan town with a vast array of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Through the people I have met, many of whom have become great friends, I have been introduced to flavors which far surpass that of the standard American lifestyle. Most of my friends think my taste in music is strange. I think it is just global 🙂

Yesterday I was spending some time with a good friend of mine from the UAE whose company I always enjoy because his lifestyle is so calming and relaxing…essentially the complete opposite of the hyperactivity you find in most New York City households. My friend will lean back in his big armed leather chair, drink tea and discuss life (or in yesterday’s case, how to recognize a good quality shaving brush amongst other riveting topics). The only thing missing from my friend’s apartment is a shisha but to replace that, he has his Cuban cigars. Only the best of course!

We did spend time listening to music and as I introduced him to Dalida, one of my old time favorites, he introduced me to some Arabic and Indian music, explaining some of the history of the UAE while we listened. However, one of songs I enjoyed the most was sung in Punjabi by a group of singers and musicians from Pakistan at Coke Studio Pakistan (I didn’t even know there was such a thing!).

I wanted to share this video as you never know, perhaps I will convert you into developing an appreciation for music from half way around the world!