Women’s Insecurity in the Workplace

Working is always a blast…especially when you end up working with people who are in a constant power struggle with you…for no apparent reason. (Please note my sarcasm on the word blast)

There have been far too many positions I have held where I have had to work with individuals who feel the need to challenge your every step. They create issues where there aren’t any, they refuse to work as a team preferring to keep information to themselves instead, the list goes on…it is as if this is their one way of having any level of self-importance in life.

What I have learned over the years is that I really appreciate the fact that I am not one of these sorry individuals.

For the purpose of this post, let us refer to these individuals as PITA’s (Pains in the Asses). Even though my life is likely far more fulfilling than these PITA’s, who would prefer to think of themselves as DIVA’s (god help me), they do offer up a good headache. In fact, they likely have a deal going on with Tylenol.

I do not mean to be sexist but what I have found is that the majority of PITA’s have been women. True, the odd man will also contribute to these emotional roller coaster rides but for the most part, women seem to be in the drivers seat. I am not sure if it is that they feel that to move up the ladder they have to be the Queen of all PITA’s or if they are just having an extra long monthly cycle.

After speaking to a few friends, I realized I was far from alone. They had stories that would be worth making a tv show from. Essentially, these insecure, power hungry, weak women are absolutely everywhere. Should I feel sorry for them? Probably. But I don’t… I have far better things to do. In fact, there is an entire industry out there called “psychology” that is just waiting to meet these women. However, as the saying goes…realizing that you have a problem is only half the battle (and most don’t even realize that!).

I do find myself conflicted. There have been projects I have truly enjoyed working on yet once one of these PITA’s turns up, their main focus is to ruin your entire experience with their juvenile attitude. They will stand in your way of getting things done and try and steal your thunder…simply because they don’t have enough power to cast any of their own lightning.

These are the negative Nelly’s, the Debbie Downer’s. They like to say no before you finish your sentence or if you should have the opportunity to finish your sentence, they will dissect your vocabulary so as to justify a concern they have.

For instance, I recently mentioned on a call that I was working on an idea (preliminary stage) that were exciting and the response I received was that they get ‘very nervous when I use words like “working on a few things”‘. I should have probably told them at that point to take a Xanax but I kept it to myself. Lesson learned…less IS more.

As I mentioned earlier, these PITA’s will make issues where there aren’t any. Instead of being willing to have patience, be open to learning and “coexist” with other members of a team, they prefer to stand out and ruin the party for everyone.

It seems to me that these PITA’s probably didn’t play too well in the sandbox when they were younger because it does not seem that much has changed. On the other hand, I did play well in the sandbox. Now I am learning how to continue playing well whether a PITA is near the sandbox, circling the sandbox or decides to jump in the sandbox.

I would happily give them the sandbox, though, if it was filled with quicksand. That is just how much of a team player I am! 🙂