About Karen

I would like to consider myself a woman about town. As I said, I would “like” to consider myself this individual. One day, I will achieve this goal. In the meantime, I am a work in progress.

Born in Montreal, Canada, I was raised in both Montreal and the San Francisco Bay Area. The moment I was able to, I was out of the house and ventured to parts unknown. Well, not exactly… I headed back to Canada for my undergraduate studies and then London, England for post-grad, both in the history of art.

I decided to head out to NYC although I didn’t have a job, an apt or friends but as the song goes, if I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere… Ultimately, I found a job, an apartment and made some incredible friends and after 15 years, NYC is still my home base today.

For the past 16 years I have been working in digital communications and management and through the various experiences I have had, in agency, in-house and as a consultant, my background has become far more integrated in a marketing capacity.

My blog is my opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences, journeys and opinions. I am not looking to promote it in any way and I often think of it as an archive for my reference. However, I hope, should you read it, you will enjoy some of the content as well!

For more information on my work experience, see my LinkedIn details below. In addition, a few highlights over the years.

My LinkedIn profile

Digital Communications Director at the NY-Forum conference

Dream USA (social media component of the Brand USA campaign)

Girl Talk Webisode Series hosted by Annabelle Gurwitch

IHG’s Crowne Plaza in Second Life “The Place to Meet”

Engagement Lead on Gracious Home e-commerce business

Saks Fifth Avenue‘s first e-commerce site (the link will take you to the current site)

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