Happy  2013!

Happy 2013!

New Year…New Goals…

Why is it that we feel the need to set a list of new goals the minute January 1st shows up on the calendar? I mean, we can easily start this list on August 1st or Nov 15th…or do we feel that January 1st signifies a start of something new and fresh..that we can start over from the previous year?

I am guilty of just the same mentality. Thinking back on 2012, I had a great year but am looking forward to what 2013 brings…new year, new dreams, new hopes, new achievements, new goals and moving forward with only positive thoughts…that is until we reach Jan 10 or Feb 1st or any day after Jan 1st when we get tired of being positive and just want things to work out already!

Ahhhh, but patience is a virtue, is it not?

For me, I am feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed…which is really being positive because I have been under the weather for the past 2 weeks. However, I am welcoming of all things to come and insha’Allah, they will all be wonderful.

Having spoken to a few friends of mine who have created lists for 2013, it is great to see that the main goal for 2013 is to enjoy life, take time to smell the roses. It isn’t about career achievements but about career re-assessments, it isn’t about maintaining the same Kafka-esque lifestyle but about taking risks, learning new skills, seeing the world, meeting new people and changing it up for awhile. I think this is absolutely great and am proud of my friends for taking on these amazing challenges and adventures.

Then there is me…my goal? Stability. For the past 4.5 years, I have taken on the approach of living life and exploring opportunities/places. I have consulted on various projects and had an incredible time doing it. Having said that, there were certainly times when there lapses in projects but I always landed on my feet. Ultimately, I have come to realize that everything will be just fine and I have become the stronger for it. Because of these projects, I have met incredibly talented people and challenged myself with new learning curves and growth. Each opportunity has been better than the last.

I have also made a point of taking time to travel-visit new places, see old friends and simply, enjoy life. This is something that is almost impossible to do when working full time.

So, why do I want stability in 2013? I am not wholly convinced yet but I feel that after being away on and off for 6 months in 2012, if I want to move forward with my life in all aspects, then I need to make a change. A full time change. However, decisions need to be made. Do I stay in NYC? Do I look elsewhere to live? For now, all I know is that whatever decision I make, it needs to be right. I still have my dreams and those are not going to be sacrificed.

In both personal and professional, I have very specific ideas of what I want. So, for me, 2013 may be about putting down some roots but the seeds have to be perfect so that whatever grows from the roots makes me ultimately smile.

Welcome 2013! To the year of positive planting!!!