The Impact Of Social Media On The Tourism Industry

The Impact Of Social Media On The Tourism Industry

There was a time when travel agents were considered a gem. Such as having them do all the research for your upcoming trip while you focused on more important things in life.

Well, that day is becoming more obsolete.

With exception of those who work in corporations with larger budgets which can afford them the niceties of travel companies like American Express, the rest of us do it on our own. With the help of social media and online in general, this has become considerably easier, faster and more efficient.

For all my personal travel plans, I do enjoy the hunt for a good deal. I love the personal feedback from other users which helps guide me to hotels or even details of a city in which I know little (where to go, things to do, areas to stay in).

Social media has improved the way we travel and has made the tourism industry accountable and responsible for the information they promote. Much like any other industry, consumers will flex their muscles and voice their opinions in ways which ultimately shape user behavior.

Travel has changed considerably over the years. The difference today? We the people have a say…and we will be heard.

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